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    Homework Information
    Homework Folders (Red "FISH Folders")
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    Homework folders are very important and should be checked, signed & returned to school daily.  This is also our way of communicating daily behavior with parents.  Please use the "Notes & Money" pocket to send any important notes, or money to school.  Please label any money sent to school with your child's name & what it is for & place it in an envelope before putting it in the "Notes" pocket. We are fostering independence in our students; they will be unpacking their own backpacks each morning.  Therefore, it is very important for parents to place all important notes or money in the red FISH Folder notes pocket.  Students will unpack the folder and we will check them each morning. All homework assignments should be placed in the front pocket and are due on Friday.  There are labels inside the folder to show where the homework and behavior calendars should be kept. Please do not remove the behavior calendar. At the end of each month, we will remove it and replace it with a new one. Please monitor your child's homework each night. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email me at pjwood@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  Thank you for your support!
     Homework Pointers

    As a parent, you should provide your child with the following: a regular time, a quiet consistent place, and the materials to complete the work (working along with your child's teacher as necessary). Homework is intended to give your child extra practice, to act as a reinforcer, and to activate knowledge they can bring from home to school. Homework completed by parents does not allow the teacher a true representation of your child's individual capabilities. Nor does it allow your child to grow academically.

    Rather, your job as the parent is to encourage, motivate, facilitate, and guide your child to finish their homework without doing it for them. Please do not alter their final product, instead, guide them to figure out their mistakes and correct it themselves.

    Teachers assign homework to teach responsibility as much as they do to teach the specific skills. So please encourage your child to take responsibility to put it in the proper place, it is a great habit to get into at such a young age.

    If your child goes to an after school program and your schedule does not allow them time to do their homework at home, please take the time to sit down with them and check over their homework once you return home. Lastly, no matter what...when bed time comes, stop your child, even if they are not finished. This is why having a consistent time and place will benefit your child and your family.Thank you for working with us to maximize your child's learning experiences!