Here are several ways you can support Ward Elementary through FUND-RAISERS    

    Boxtops   Website http://www.boxtops4education.com/

    Every parent needs to go to this site and sign up as a booster for our school. It costs nothing but every person who signs up, GM will give us more boxtops rewards. We could even win up to 10,000 extra boxtops!

    Marvin Ward is listed under Winston-Salem Schools when you search.As of 9/02/03 Marvin Ward was ranked 95% in NC and 94% in the country!!

    Our December check we will receive will be over $540! Not bad for two and a half months of collecting!

    We get 10 cents for every boxtop.   Also Cheerios has a Writing Contest at http://www.cheerios.com/sos/promo.asp

    I've made a copy of the rules and order form and given them to Lynn Boyles, our Curriculum Coordinator. This contest is for 8 to 10 year's kids. This is an excellent way to boost our children's imagination and writing skills. The winners could see their story on a Cheerio box or win their height in Children books!

    FoodLion     Website:   http://www.foodlion.com/

      Click on Fundraising and find the link to register their MVP Card. They must enter this as the organization: Ward Elementary School

      Harris Teeter   Website: http://www.harristeeter.com/

    They can either relink their Vic card online or at the store cash register.

    To register online click the link under Community entitled Together in Education.

    At this page there is a link to link their VIC card to our school.  Wards Code is: 4078
    Ink Cartridges
    Bring us your used ink cartridges, these can be cashed in for money for the school.
Last Modified on May 10, 2010