Riding the bus is an exciting step when children are school age.  At Whitaker, we provide safe and efficient transportation experiences for our bus riders.  Mrs. Mikesell sees to it that bus riders get bus stops in a timely manner that are close to home.  I hope this information is helpful.
    The Remind App
    Remind is a free app, designed for and by teachers, to communicate with students and parents. With a quick text or email, you can sign up to receive either a text or an email (or both) when we have an update in transportation. Our plan is to send out messages when: there is a sub bus (with the number), there is a bus leaving late from school, a bus has a sub and may be delayed, or when a bus has to absorb another bus’s route. We will only send messages when there are changes or variances. For morning bus information-when it's available, it could be sent out as early as 6:00 am.

    Signing up is easy! You can go to http://remind.com/join and enter the class code @c8fd4a to join the Assistant Principal Transportation Information class. Or you can also text the class code @c8fd4a to 81010 to receive text messages when there are updates. We can assure you, there is no unsolicited email or texting that happens; you will only receive messages when they go out to communicate transportation changes. It also features the ability to text the administrators in the event that you have a bus question. 

    Bus Stops
    • Buses are routed within a 1/2 mile of a students residence.
    • Bus stops may not be closer than 2/10 of a mile apart.
    • Buses are not routed onto side roads unless 10 or more students are riding to/from the same school.
    • Bus stop times are +/- 10 minutes for morning stops and +20 minutes for afternoon stops.
    • Bus stop changes are to be handled by the school.

    Escorting Kindergarten and First Grade Students

    Students who are in kindergarten and first grade must have a responsible adult at the bus stop every afternoon to meet them. If no adult is present, the child will be taken to the nearest school, the next school on the route, or the nearest magnet school, at the driver’s discretion. Please make a note of your child’s drop-off time. There are 2 exceptions to this rule:

    • If the kindergarten or first grade student is 8 years old, the parent may request to allow the child to walk to his/her home without an adult.
    • If the child has a sibling who is in 3rd grade and 9 years old, that sibling may escort the child off of the bus without an adult present.

    Stop Requests

    Please know that we do everything we can to process requests in a timely manner. If you are requesting service to your home, these often require site visits and take more time. 

    Changes to Transportation

    There are several situations in which a change in transportation can occur.  For a permanent bus change, please contact Mrs. Mikesell at 336-703-6740; in the event of a move, a change of address must be filed in the office before a bus can be changed.  If a your child is riding a different bus to another address or with a friend, please write a note that includes the address (or stop), the bus number that they are to ride, the date, and your signature.  If your child is riding with another student, please clarify with whom he/she is riding as well. We cannot allow students who do not have written notes to ride with other students.
    Questions and Concerns: 

    Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Mikesell 336-703-6740 or at ljmikesell@wsfcs.k12.nc.us if you have any questions or concerns regarding school bus transportation.  She will do her best to resolve your concerns and answer your questions. 

Last Modified on September 15, 2018