• This year is going to be filled with lots of learning and successes!  Here are some ways that we can help to make this year the best that it can be!
    Expectations in the Classroom
    There are some exciting things happening at Ibraham!  This year we are beginning a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System (PBIS) where we will be recognizing the good choices that our students are making!  Students will earn Eagle Dollars for their good behavior, and they will be able to spend their 'dollars' at our school store.  Students will earn dollars when they SOAR.
    Students are expected to SOAR in both the classroom and the rest of the school building.  SOAR stands for the following:
     S: Show Respect
                 O: Outstanding Conduct
    A: Achievement
    R: Responsibility
    The goal of PBIS is to teach students how to make good choices.  Along with recognizing the positive, there is also a system for when students are not doing the right thing.  The school has classroom discipline forms.  These forms have the space to write down three behaviors on one page.  If a student gets one form filled, then a copy of the form will be sent home along with a phone call home. If two forms are filled, then the student will receive a discipline referral and will be sent to the office.
    Homework Expectations
    I explain to the students that doing their homework is like being a football player...you have to practice before the game!  I think homework is important because it gives students good practice with skills we are learning in class.  Students should always give their best, including when they are working on their homework.  If your student struggles with his or her homework, or if it seems to be taking too long, then please contact me so we can help your child be successful!
Last Modified on September 29, 2012