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    Latin Club
    Reagan's Latin Club promotes the study of Classics while also offering services to the school and community.  Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of each month.  
    Pete and Sydney proudly display the club's 1st-place trophy!  
     RHS Latin Club

    Junior Classical League  

    Every Latin Club member is also a member of the North Carolina Junior Classical League (NCJCL), a national organization that offers activities for Latin students to enhance their learning of the Classics.

    Every April, Latin students from across the state attend the NCJCL Convention, held on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. Students compete in academic, art-based, and athletic events. 
    JCL offers competitions at the state and national level, and all Latin Club members are encouraged to submit entries for the various contests.
     October meeting
     Pete sworn in as president
    All Latin Club members are eligible to participate in Certamen, the quiz bowl of Latin.  Reagan has a novice team for Latin 1 students, an intermediate team for Latin 2 students, and an advanced team for  all other levels.  Topics include Latin grammar and vocabulary, Greco-Roman mythology, Roman history and civilization, and Latin literature (for the advanced team).
    Advanced Certamen Team
    Fall Forum
    NCJCL Fall Forum is a state Latin convention held on the campus of UNCG.  The annual date of this event is typically one or two Saturdays before Thanksgiving.  UNCG's Classical Languages Department has teamed up with NCJCL to host Classics Day during NCJCL Fall Forum.  NCJCL and UNCG offer the following activities:  archaeology dig, academic testing, workshops and seminars, javelin throw, gladiator booth, performance of Greek tragedy, spirit competition, Certamen, plus many more. 
    Fall Forum  
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