• National Exams  
    The National Latin Exam (NLE) is typically administered the first week of March.  The registration deadline is the first week in January.  All students are encouraged to take this exam.   

    The National Latin Exam is a forty-question multiple-choice exam that covers grammar, history, culture, mythology, and vocabulary. Students have forty minutes to complete this exam, which is administered every year during the first full week of March. 
    Link to NLE:  www.nle.org
    The National Mythology Exam (NME) is a fifty-question multiple-choice exam, which will be administered the last week of February.  This year's subjects are as follows:  general mythological information; Jason and the Argonauts (the quest for the Golden Fleece)

    ; and Odyssey Book I.  The registration deadline is the first week of January. 

    Click here to read D'Aulaires':  General Information for Exam 
    Click here to take a practice exam:  NME Practice Exam Questions

    Click here for practice exam (General Information #1):  NME Practice #1

    More practice for the NME (don't forget the secret word):    National Mythology Exam Practice #2  http://www.quia.com/quiz/5664046.html
    Even more NME practice (matching)  
    NME -- More Practice!     http://www.quia.com/cm/620417.html
    Click here  to read "Jason and the Golden Fleece" story.
    Find your secret word and take these practice exams!  
    Jason and the Golden Fleece
    Jason and the Golden Fleece (Practice #2)
    Click here  to read Book 1 of the Odyssey.
    Play "Rags to Riches" and test yourself on your knowledge of the Odyssey Bk. 1. 
    Answer 20 questions about Odyssey Bk 1:  http://www.quia.com/rr/1081815.html 

    Medusa Mythology Exam is another fifty-question multiple-choice test that students may take.  This year's theme is "Monsters in corporibus."  All questions will involve a monster. The test will be given in late March. 

    Students may take one or more exams.  Payment of test fees can be made all at once (cash, check payable to Reagan) or individually for each test.

    Each exam can strengthen a student's credentials, improve test-taking skills, and offer scholarship opportunities.