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    For the first several day of school we are going to work to establish our classroom family, as well as get started on a fascinating year of learning.  My goal is to help each child in my class grow more academically than than they ever have before!  It'll be a lot of hard work, but with everyone's help, I know it will happen!
    This quarter we will be working on the following areas:
    Math:  We will review place value and expand it to include decimals.  We will learn how to write decimal numbers in both standard and expanded form.  We will also add, subtract, multiply and divide decimal numbers.  We will develop an understanding of volume and how to calculate it.
    English Language Arts:  
    Science:  We will begin our study of  Earth Systems, the Water Cycle and Weather.  We will study ecosystems, habitats and food chains.
    Social Studies:  We will study the first inhabitants of the Americas, as well as European explorers and the first colonists.