• Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening as a part of Fitness Testing


    BMI is part of fitness testing. We often have the opportunity to work with nursing students from Winston-Salem State University to measure the heights and weights of our students, which helps reduce the amount of time that must be taken during PE class to collect that information.
    Just what does Body Mass Index mean?

    Body Mass Index is used to indicate whether your body weight is appropriate for your height. With children, age and gender are added into the equation. Adults merely compute their height and weight. If a person is overweight, the risk of developing a serious illness is higher than that of a person at a healthy weight. Being underweight may inhibit proper bone development, cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. lower the immune system, and lead to reproductive complications.  BMI is not a perfect measure, but it is the most widely accepted measure in field settings, such as health and physical education classes, where other more sophisticated tools for measuring muscle and fat ratios are not available.  

    Go to the Center for Disease Control to find your Body Mass Index : http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/bmi/

    KeepKidsHealthy.com is another excellent website for parents. Help your child establish good health habits early in life. Eat healthy foods rather than putting your child on a diet of "restrictions," and exercise as family. With the Body Mass Index scores for our county, we all need a health check-up.