• APPENDIX C The following is a list of healthier options for classroom snacks. Parents should read labels and be aware of the amount of calories per portion, portion size, and servings per package. Some of the items on this list may not be suitable for the classroom, so check with your child's teacher. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    100% Frozen Juice bars
    100% Fruit Juice - 6-8 ounce size
    Dried fruit - not sweetened
    Fresh fruit
    Fruit cups in water, juice, or light syrup
    Unsweetened applesauce
    Vegetables (may serve with fat-free dip/dressing)
    Cheese: 2% or low-fat slices or cubes**
    Milk: all flavors of 1% or skim
    Soymilk - Light or fat-free
    String cheese**
    Low-fat Yogurt - 4 or 6 ounce size of low-fat or fat-free
    100 Calorie Snack Packs all varieties
    Dry cereal (examples: Cheerios, Crispex, Quaker Oat Squares, Frosted Mini Wheats)
    Fiber One Toaster Pastries
    General Mills Cheerios Snack Mix
    General Mills Fiber One Bars (all varieties)
    General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios Milk and Cereal Bars
    Goldfish Graham crackers
    * Nuts may cause severe allergic reactions in some people ** Some low-fat cheeses exceed criteria for sodium and/or fat but are good snacks for occasional use 

    Kashi TLC Crackers and Granola Bars
    Kelloggs Pop Tarts with 20% Fiber
    Kelloggs Special K Crackers
    Kelloggs Special K Snack Bites and Fruit Crisps
    Kelloggs Rice Krispie Treats
    Mini bagels
    Nabisco Triscuits all varieties but Thin Crisps
    Nabisco Wheat Thins Flatbread, Reduced Fat, Stix, and Toasted Chips
    Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars and Granola Thins (including bite size bars)
    Nutrigrain Cereal Bars
    Pita chips
    Popcorn: Pop Secret 100 Calorie Pop, Jolly Time Healthy Pop, Orville Redenbachers Smart Pop, Smart Balance Smart n Healthy or Smart Balance Light Butter mini-bags Popcorn cakes
    Pudding cups low-fat or fat-free
    Quaker Breakfast Cookies
    Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
    Rice or popcorn cakes
    Rold Gold Braided Twists
    Saltines (whole grain preferred)
    Town House Flatbread Crisps
    UTZ Braided Twists
    UTZ Select (Sesame, Pumpernickel)
    UTZ baked chips
    Snyders Multigrain Pretzels, Nibblers, Pretzel Twists and Sticks
    Soy Crisps
    Teddy Grahams (cinnamon, honey, oatmeal)
    Wasa Crisp Bread

    Snack items should meet the following criteria per serving:
    Dairy snacks must contain:
    Maximum 200 calories
    At least 120 mg calcium per 4 oz serving
    Maximum 300 mg. sodium
    At least 150 mg. calcium per 6 oz serving
    Maximum 30% of calories from fat
    At least 245 mg calcium for > 8 oz servings
    Zero trans fat

    Snacks of 100% seeds/nuts are allowed, regardless of fat content, if they meet the above requirements.
    Snacks that are 100% sugar without nutritients are not allowed (Jello, popsicles, gummi bears, etc.).
    Sugar content varies by brand we strived to include products that are < 35% sugar by weight.
    Store brands often have similar nutritional values as name brand products.
    Compiled by Registered and Licensed Dieticians at the Forsyth County Department of Public Health, August 2010