• Test Material /Notes
         MuscleTestRVW-wksht  ...(e-copy doesn't have muscles of body diagram to label)
         Muscle-ID Chart_ANSWERS    
    Tues. Feb. 1
         CW - Muscle Identification wksht (location & action)
    Weds. Feb. 2
         Muscle ID wksht- finish & discuss; Exit Ticket for CW grade
    Thurs. Feb. 3
         Computer Lab- PPT presentation research
    Fri. Feb. 4
         Computer Lab - PPT presentation research; muscle, skeletal, nervous syst. disease
    Mon. Feb. 7
         Muscle ID & Action BINGO
    Tues. Feb. 8
         *Quiz - Muscle ID & Action (see wksht w/answers at top link)
              *PPT DUE (4th & 7th)
    Weds. Feb. 9
          *PPT DUE (1st & 2nd) 
          Lecture (slides 1-9)  Blood-PPT_lecture
    Thurs. Feb. 10 (2 hr. delay-30 min. class)
         Lecture (slides 10-15)  Blood-PPT_lecture
    Fri. Feb. 11
         Muscle Test RVW:   TEST MONDAY w/your notes
            Muscle Test RVW wksht:  DUE MONDAY for HOMEWORK GRADE
    MuscleTestRVW-wksht ....(e-copy doesn't have muscles of body to label!)