• DNA If you are interested in hands-on science, doing research, making scientific discoveries, or working in a forensics lab, then this strand may be for you.  We have a  strand of courses that are designed to prepare students to enter into the field of biotechnology.  The first course helps give you a vision of areas of bioscience that students can pursue.  The second course helps give students the skills necessary to begin to work in a lab.  The third course addresses more advanced topics in molecular and cell biology.  And the last course is an enrichment course.  Each course will require students to design and carry out a hands-on, experimental research project.  In addition, Atkins probably has the best lab equipment of any public high school in North Carolina. The goal here is to teach students how to be a scientist rather than just about science. Students interest in marine biology, pathology, psychology, or any lab-based science will benefit from these courses.  
    Biotech Major Sequence
     9th Grade                   10th Grade                               11th Grade                      12th Grade           
     Biotechnology 1            Human Body Systems                         BioMedical Technology                Biotechnology 2
    Biomed Major Sequence                                                                                                                                    
     9th Grade                               10th Grade                   11th Grade                       12th Grade 
     Human Body Systems           Biomedical Technology 1       Biomedical Technology 2              Forensic Science
    Other = Forensic Science, Principles of Biomedical Science or courses from the other above majors. 
     Level 2 course should not be taken before the junior year
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