• WC Health Science include all those professions that practice health care in a clinical setting - both for humans and animals.  This includes making the diagnosis, providing therapy, and caring for the patient's needs while in the care of the health care system.   If you are interested in becoming  a doctor, nurse, therapist, imaging technologist, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, EMS worker or any other professional in the health care system, the Health Sciences Major may be for you. 

    Many have said that opportunity lies at the intersection of customer need and provider skill. With the projection of nine million people over the age of 85 in 2030, comes the realization that our health care system will need far more health care workers than we currently have. Indeed some predict that we will need one million more health care workers by 2018. This challenge provides an opportunity for high school students. In health science we are teaching students to become both highly skilled and innovative as they will have to grapple with providing care that is cost effective, compassionate and meets the demand for ever more sophisticated medical service.

         It is the goal that all graduates from the Atkins Health Science program will be ready for both college and their first medical job. To maintain entry level jobs students must be able to analyze patient conditions and provide treatment within the boundaries of their position. To be successful in college students must be independent learners that can prove their knowledge on a written test, be able to produce both individual and group projects and be able to write papers in standard APA format. To meet these demands the honors curriculum augments the standard curriculum with problem based learning, lab experiments, APA research papers and additional patient simulations. These activities help students grow whether they begin their freshmen year with a background of great academic experiences or are tentatively taking their first steps toward a successful high school and professional career. 

     Health Science Major Sequence
                 9th grade                                   10th grade                     11th grade                     12th grade     
    Fundamentals of Health Science          Health Science I             Health Science II          Nursing Fundamentals
                                                                                                                               Principles of Biomedical Science
       Additional courses such as Biotechnology 1, Biomedical Technology 2 (Junior or Senior year only) can also be taken.
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