• Initial Screening

    WS/FCS students enrolled in second grade are screened in the Fall using a group aptitude assessment. If eligible, students participate in an group achievement test. Parents receive prior notice of both screenings, if applicable, and may decline to have their child participate if they prefer.
    Students will be identified for services in the Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program based on results for both Aptitude and Achievemnent screening. Limited opportunities for rescreening to qualify for the program may also be available, as specified by the district's identification guidelines.
    Rescreening Options
    Some children may not begin to exhibit characteristics of giftedness until after the second grade screening process. Parents or school leaders may request a reevaluation of the student for gifted services once in grades 3-5 and once in grades 6-8. Typically these requests occur at the end of the school year because the student's End-of-Grade test scores are used to determine the eligibility.

    In order to be rescreened once in grades 3-5 and/or once in grades 6-8, a student must meet the following criteria:

    1.  Score 90th  percentile or above on the previous year's North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) tests on reading or math; 
    2.  Score 80th percentile or above on a group or individual IQ/aptitude test.

    Transition to Middle School:  Change of Services Screening

    During the fifth grade year, students may participate in screening to determine eligibility for a change of service upon entry into middle school. Eligibility to participate in this screening is dependent upon previous EOG and aptitude scores. All students who earn 90th percentile on either the End-of-Grade test in reading, math, reading retest or math retest, are eligible to the change of service rescreening option. Students do not have to be certified as Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) to participate in this process. This is the only time that the district will reevaluate a student to determine eligibility for Highly Academically Gifted (HAG) services upon entering the sixth grade.