• A student who qualifies for the AG or HAG Program continues to be eligible for services in that program for the entire time s/he remains in the WS/FCS. No further testing or qualification is needed for a student to remain in or to move from a lower level of service into a higher (e.g., from AG to HAG). However, if a student leaves the WS/FCS school system for more than one year in a new school system, a new private/independent/charter school, or for home schooling, then the student must requalify, and meet the WS/FCS AIG Program eligibility criteria based on current test data.


    Students New to Forsyth County 

    Students who are new to Forsyth County may request screening upon enrolling in school. There are four screening opportunities throughout the year to accommodate these requests. Students new to Forsyth County will have the same rescreening opportunities as second graders.


    Students New to Forsyth County Who Were Certified as Academically Gifted by Another District

    Students transferring into WS/FCS in either AG or HAG services may be screened and placed on the basis of a prior placement in a gifted/talented program elsewhere. If (and only if) at the time of placement in the other school district, the test scores used for placement show that the student would have been eligible for WS/FCS AIG Program services under current procedures, then the student may be placed and served in the WS/FCS program with no additional testing required.

    If the student's scores from the previous district do not qualify him/her for placement in the WS/FCS AIG program, the student may participate in our quarterly screening opportunities and will have the same rescreening options as second graders.