• Attendance

    Each time a student is absent, please send a note the next day explaining the reason for the absence.

    Help students get to school on time.

    B. E. E. notebooks -- BRING EVERYTHING EVERYDAY  and return to school.


    Check over homework each evening.  Homework includes what is in the homework folder (within the B.E.E. notebook)  and the assigned home readers that are sent home on Mondays.

    Provide a quiet place with the tools needed for success--crayons, pencils, extra paper if needed for extra practice and an adult nearby for any help on directions.


    Check and clean out bookbags each day.
    Snack Time

    Students will need a juice or water for snack each day. Parents sign up to bring in bulk item snacks during the school year.


    Responsibility Sheet

    Initial the responsibility sheet each day.  Green--great; yellow--too many reminders; red--not a good day!


    Story Re-tell

    Use the guideline sent home in our beginning packet to help with story re-tell.

    View the guideline in our document section of this site.

    Send a change of clothing for warm weather and cold weather days. Clean and return any used clothing back to school the next day.


    Stop by the office for a visitor's tag when you enter our school. 

    If you would like to speak to Mrs. Dull, send an e-mail request to jmdull@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or call the office 336-771-4545 and leave a message.