• AIG Program Options



    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools offers different levels of advanced instruction to meet the academic needs of their students. Differentiation of instruction begins at the elementary level and continues through middle and high schools.  From kindergarten through second grade, the classroom teacher bears primary responsibility for differentiating instruction, assisted by the school’s AIG Specialist.

    In grades three through eight, the formal Academically/ Intellectually Gifted Program is offered to students who demonstrate mastery of grade-level work and the aptitude to move beyond regular coursework to achieve mastery at a faster pace. Two different levels of advanced instruction are available to qualifying students. The AIG Program serves eligible students for a part of the day with instruction in advanced Mathematics and Language Arts; when a student is not receiving AG services, the classroom teacher will continue to differentiate instruction as appropriate to meet students’ needs for more challenging work. The HAG Program is an all-day, self-contained program in which students experience an accelerated curriculum.

    At the high school level, open registration to advanced classes is offered; students may have to meet course prerequisites or have teacher recommendations. Qualifying students may travel to the Career Center or take classes in their home school at the Advanced Placement (AP) level; other options include dual enrollment at community colleges and early graduation. At Parkland IB Magnet School, students can enroll in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) or elect certain IB courses.