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    Elementary School (Grades 3 - 5)-- A small percentage of academically gifted students have needs that cannot be met by the regular classroom program.These students must be provided an appropriate education in an all-day, self-contained classroom where they receive all of their instruction at an accelerated level of presentation and with greater complexity of content.

    Students are selected for placement in this self-contained setting based on their identification as academically and intellectually gifted as well as their demonstrated need for a significantly differentiated program. Evaluation and test data provide evidence that the learning characteristics of the student require a separate program to meet his/her learning needs.

    The basic strategy for instruction in the self-contained classroom is curriculum enhancement and acceleration. The content, process and products of the curriculum match the students’ level of academic ability rather than their age. By studying materials and engaging in activities that are significantly more complex, and one or more years above grade level, students in the self-contained class learn to deal with sophisticated systems of ideas. Acceleration of content through a differentiated curriculum is provided in mathematics, communication skills, social studies and science, often through integrated, interdisciplinary thematic units of study. The self-contained class setting is the logical extension of the AG program to the most restrictive level.

    Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)  As with elementary school, some students' academic needs cannot be met in regular or AG resource classes, even with differentiation in English/ Language Arts and Mathematics.  These students are served in self-contained classes for the core academic courses; the elective courses are taken with all other students at that grade level.  The HAG middle school curriculum is differentiated through an interdisciplinary instructional program in the following general areas:

     English/Language Arts: acceleration, emphasizing literature and writing styles

     Mathematics: accelerated approximately two years above grade level:

    • 6th grade --(accelerated math 7/8) 
    • 7th grade--(Math I--formally--Algebra I OR Integrated Mathematics I)
    • 8th grade --(Math II--Geometry OR Integrated Mathematics II)
                                 Science enrichment -- study of the grade level topics in the Standard Course of Study, but with emphasis on scientific process, discovery learning  and research at an advanced levelEach year, students will complete portions of the high school Environmental Science course, using the "Science and Sustainability" curriculum. Teachers and students will maintain a portfolio documenting their mastery of this content. This course meets the  high school graduation requirement for Science in this topic.

    Social Studies
     enrichment -- study of the grade level topics in the Standard Course of Study, with emphasis on independent study and thematic concepts in integrated social sciences with English/Language Arts.

    The curriculum in the self-contained classes is appropriate for the highly gifted learner. In this curriculum, students can be challenged to their full potential in every academic area of study. They can mutually support each other’s learning and avoid the temptation or pressure to hide their abilities in the face of peer pressure which may run counter to optimal academic achievement.