• Athletic Support Program

    The Academic Support Program (ASP) is available for all students currently participating in Extra Curricular activities who fail to achieve the  2.0 Quality Point Average (QPA) during the previous academic quarter to maintain eligibility and enhance their grade.  Students who are recommended for ASP must a) participate in the mandatory tutoring hours AND b) have no unexcused absences or tardies to classes.
    ASP requires that students complete three (3) hours of tutoring each five (5) day school week, two (2) hours of tutoring each three (3) or four (4) day school week or one (1) hour of tutoring each one (1) or two (2) day school week. Tutoring is from 8:00am 8:55am Monday thru Friday in the Media Center AND/OR during your lunch period for 35 minutes in Trailer 26 OR Media Center.  Total combination time must equal 3 hours. All tutoring hours for the next week must be completed by 9am on the Friday.  Students who come late or leave early will only be credited the actual time they have worked.  Students who fail to do work during tutoring hours will not be credited any tutoring time.  Students must sign in and out of tutoring and all extra tutoring done with subject area teachers must be documented and turned into Ms. Eisenbraun by 9 am on Friday.
    When a student fails to meet either of the ASP requirements during a school week, he/she will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities from 12:00 AM on Saturday of that week through and until 11:59 PM of Friday the following week.  He/she will be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activity during the following week if he/she successfully completes the requirements of the ASP during the week of ineligibility and make-up any tutoring time missed during the previous week, if any. 
    If a student fails to meet either of the ASP requirements (2) two times during a quarter, they will be removed from the activity for the remainder of the season.


Last Modified on January 24, 2011