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    Welcome to Sedge Garden Elementary School.  Thank you for your interest in joining Sedge Garden Elementary PTA! This year is going to be an exciting time for us as we look forward to many new changes happening at our school. 

    Why Join the PTA?

    There are many reasons to join Sedge Garden Elementary PTA.  The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. 

    *Other reasons to join PTA are:

    *Stay Connected:  There is no better way to know what is happening in your school.

    *Tap into a Network:  PTA is an opportunity to meet other parents and teachers by building relationships.

    *Watch Your School Grow:  By volunteering you put your skills to good use and help enrich your child‘s growth.

    *Speak Up: PTA can be a way for you to be more effective by suggesting change in your child’s school.

    *Improvement Growth: By getting involved you will become part of the solution, making positive changes.  PTA plays an important role in fundraising in order to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events for our children.

    *By becoming a PTA member, you will demonstrate how important a good education is to your child’s future.



    You can join the PTA for $6 and give your child a voice at the school. Every family member may join including grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.  PTA membership for a family is only $10.  Everyone is welcomed.

    Next, volunteer your time.  It can be in your child’s classroom, after hour’s events, weekend school projects there are plenty of opportunities for your child to see their family involvement.  All WSFCS volunteers must be registered, screened, and approved before serving. This process must be completed each school year.  Click on the link and fill in your information: http://www.wsfcsvolunteers.com/

    PTA can benefit everyone.  A strong school means a strong community.