First Grade Sight Words

    First Grade High Frequency Words


    This is a list of 125 sight words your child should know by the end of first grade.  

          ear              know           old                than

    after           eat              last             one                their

    again          eight            leave          or                  them

    also            end              left             other             thing

    am              find             let              our                 third

    an               first            like             over               this
    any             five             long            present         three

    are             found           look            pretty            too

    away          four             make           put                tree

    back           friend          man             ran                two

    ball            from            many           right              until

    been           get              me               saw               us

    before        girl              men             school           very

    big             give             more            second          want

    book          good            most             seven           way

    box            got              mother          shall            went

    by              hand           much             should         where

    call            here            my                sing              which
    came          high            name            six                while

    color          home           near             so                 who

    come          house          new              stand            will

    could          how            next              such             work

    day             if               night             sure             would

    dear           into            no                 take              year

    each           just            not                ten                your