Workers Comp
  • Workers' Compensation and Eligibility

    All employees are covered under Workers' Compensation laws.  If approved, payment is provided for medical expenses and partial income at no cost to you, if you are injured or contract an occupational disease in the course and scope of your job. Workers’ Compensation claims are approved by our Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers.
     Reporting an Injury

    Instructions for the site-based Workers’ Compensation Contact Person:

    1. Print and provide to the Employee the 'Employee Report of Injury'.Procedures| Report of Injury Form (It can also be found on our Financial Services web page at the EPAS link).

    2.  If the employee requires medical treatment, advise the employee of the Novant Health options for treatment. If the injury is an emergency, call 911. If 911 is called, call Workers Compensation office immediately at 336-703-4271.

    3.  Notify the Workers’ Compensation office of the injury and treatment details, including any restrictions, as soon as possible. (click here for direct link to


    Instructions for Employee:

    1.  At the time of the accident, immediately complete the 'Employee Report of Injury' form and return it to your Financial Secretary or your supervisor.

    2.  After notifying the Financial Secretary or your supervisor, if medical treatment other than first aid is necessary, go to Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine (see list to the right).

    3.  Provide your Supervisor and the Workers' Compensation office your work status note provided by Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine as soon as possible.


    What Can I Expect After Filing My Claim?

    1. You are expected to return to work as soon as possible after treating at Novant Health Urgent Care, either the same day of the incident or first thing the next morning. You must provide to your supervisor the work status notes from Novant Health Urgent Care which outline any restrictions you have been given. Your supervisor and the Workers’ Compensation office will determine if your restrictions can be accommodated. Most restrictions can be accommodated, but if you are given restrictions that prevent you from returning to work as a result of your injury, your supervisor and/or the Workers’ Compensation Specialist will advise you. The WS/FCS Worker's Compensation Officer will mail you a copy of the Form 19 (Report of Injury) submitted to the NC IC along with other paperwork.

    2. If your claim is accepted/approved, the NC Industrial Commission requires a 7 day waiting period before compensation begins for any lost time. Beginning the 8th day of absence, you will begin being paid by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier. Payments are made weekly and are in the amount of .6667 of your average weekly salary for the 52 weeks immediately prior to the injury. During the waiting period you will be paid using your available sick leave. If your claim is denied, based on the Adjuster's determination as governed by NC Industrial Commission, any absence is subject to WS/FCS sick leave policies.

    3.  Someone from either Key Risk or Sedgwick, our Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers, will call you to discuss your claim. The adjuster will take a recorded statement from you about the accident. It is important that you speak with the insurance company, so please return any calls promptly. Please be sure to verify your current telephone number and address information for the adjuster.

    4.  If you have any prescribed medications, you will need to complete a Form 25P-Prescription drug reimbursement form (click here for link) and attach duplicate copies of your receipts. Mail the completed form and the receipts to the Workers’ Compensation office as soon as possible.

    5.  If you receive any invoices for authorized medical services related to your workers compensation claim, send them to the Workers’ Compensation office for processing. Include your name and date of injury on any invoices sent.

     6. Upon your return to work, or if your injury does not require you to be out of work, you should attempt to schedule any follow-up appointments before or after your work hours, or apply earned unused SL to those absences. 

  •  Contacts
    Workers Compensation Specialists:
       Sandra Braham
       Rosemary Cobb
       Phone: 336.703.4271
       Fax: 336.661.6536

    Authorized Medical Treatment Facilities

    Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine– Winterhaven Lane
    2337 Winterhaven Lane
    Winston-Salem, NC  27103
    Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine– Hickory Branch
    501 Hickory Branch Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27409
  • Workers' Comp FAQs

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  • 1. If I am injured at work and unable to work, how will I be paid?

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    If you lose time from work due to an approved Workers’ Compensation claim, you may choose one of the following:

    - Elect to use earned sick leave during the required waiting period and then begin drawing Workers’ Compensation benefits which are paid weekly.

    - Elect to receive no pay during the required waiting period and then begin drawing Workers’ Compensation benefits which are paid weekly.

    - Elect to supplement the Workers’ Compensation benefits with the use of partial earned sick leave in accordance with the State Board of Education Workers’ Compensation Policy.

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  • 2. What is the waiting period?

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    The NC Industrial Commission requires a 7 day waiting period for employees who are injured on the job. This includes weekends. If your disability is longer than 21 days, then you are compensated for those 7 days of the waiting period.

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  • 3. What is the rate that I am paid while out of work on Workers' Comp?

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    The NC Industrial Commission guidelines state that you are to be paid two-thirds (2/3) of your average weekly wage using the wages you earned in the 52 weeks prior to your accident. This amount is not to exceed the maximum established by the Industrial Commission.

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  • 4. How do I pay for my employer sponsored benefits while I am receiving Workers’ Compensation?

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    While you are out of work, you will not be paid wages from WS/FCS, as you are receiving the insurance benefit from the insurance company. Because our benefits are normally paid via payroll deduction, you will have to manually pay by check for your costs of your benefits. Contact Payroll Benefits to make arrangements to pay for your benefits.

    Also, since you are not making contributions to the NC Retirement System while not receiving a pay check from WSFCS, you WILL NOT earn any service credits as long as you are out of work. When you return to work, you can purchase those service credits back. Contact the NC Retirement System for more information about purchasing service credits at (877) 627-3277. While you are out of work, you do not accrue sick or annual leave. However, when you return to work after being on Workers’ Compensation you will be credited the amount of leave that you would have earned while out of work. You must return to work to take advantage of this benefit.

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  • 5. Do I get to choose my doctors?

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    The NC Industrial Commission states that your employer will direct your medical care if you are injured on the job. WSFCS has authorized Novant Health Urgent Care to provide our initial treatment. You may not change treating physicians unless you are referred to another physician by the last authorized treating physician and they obtain approval from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier.

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  • 6. Am I reimbursed for travel to and from the doctor?

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    The NC Industrial Commission stipulates that employees are entitled to mileage for medical treatment at the current rate per mile beyond a 20 mile radius (round trip) from the point of origin. A form 25T must be completed for reimbursement.

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  • 7. Will I have to pay back my Worker's Compensation benefits?

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    If you are involved in an accident caused by a third party, and you collect from the third party or their insurance company, you will be held personally responsible for repaying WSFCS for the money spent on your claim.

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  • 8. Where do I get more information about Workers' Compensation?

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    You can visit the North Carolina Industrial Commission’s website for more information regarding your rights and responsibilities for Workers’ Compensation.

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