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    STAR3 Project Design

    STAR3 Objectives:
    • To provide support to implement the school district initiatives (as described in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for each of the sixteen participating schools).
      The scoring rubric for the SIP can be viewed here:  SIP Scoring Rubric

    • To foster the creation of whole-school systems of student support – for students at all achievement levels.
    • To systematically test the impact of incentive pay for staff to implement educational improvements and strive for higher levels of student growth.
    • To support talent development for educators and provide leadership opportunities.
    • To recruit, reward and retain high quality educators. 

      STAR3 incorporates all the elements that national research on effective teaching identifies as critical.  For more information please see the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project.  Click here to review this project or go to the MET Project Website at http://metproject.org/
    WS/FC Schools Participating in the STAR3 Project:
    Elementary Schools
    South Fork
    Kimberley Park
    Middle Fork
    North Hills
    Old Town
    Middle Schools
    Mineral Springs
    STAR3/Teacher Incentive Fund Design
    Click here to review the STAR3 project design:  STAR3

    The following schools were selected by the US Department of Education to receive the incentive pay plan:

    Ashley Elementary, Middle Fork Elementary, Griffith Elementary, Hall-Woodward Elementary, Diggs-Latham Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Philo Middle, and Mineral Springs Middle.   
    The schools that were not selected for the incentive pay plan will receive a 1% pay bonus for all staff.   (All schools, incentive and 1% schools, receive identical levels of instructional support from the district.)  The pay plan details are provided below.
    Note:   There is an update to the charts below.  Teacher-Leaders will now receive a $2,000 for their work starting in the 2012-13 school year.  This was increased from $500.
     ES Pay Plan
    MS Pay Plan
    Basic Points about the Performance Based Compensation System:
    1.  In the WS/FCS STAR3 project the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) was added for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade last year in order for us to generate a student growth measure for all core teachers in grades Kindergarten through 8.  Without the ITBS only 4th and 5th grade teachers would be eligible for ANY incentive-based (growth) pay in the elementary schools.
    2. All student assessment data is sent to SAS Institute.  This is true for all districts in N. Carolina's public schools.  The final measures of growth are returned to school districts typically in November.  Therefore, no bonus pay can be calculated or paid until this information is returned from SAS Institute.  (The bonus pay date has not been delayed. It is on the schedule that was originally anticipated.)
    3.  School-level and grade-level bonus information will be provided to principals as soon as it is available.  Remember that the ITBS data must be added to the calculations in STAR3 schools; this adds some additional time for data to be made available.
    4.  All core (tested) subject teachers will receive notification from Central Office prior to any bonus being paid.  We want teachers to have an opportunity to question the calculations prior to any bonus payments.  
    The incentive (bonus) payments are based on student growth.  While we hope many teachers will qualify, it is clear that not all teachers will.