Drivers Education

    WSFCS drivers education has been contracted to the NC Driving School.  Students who will be 14 1/2 may register for classes.  Students may take classes at a traditional high school that is most convenient to them or take the course at Paisley. Paisley offers drivers education class once per year in the Spring. Drivers Ed class registration is open. 


    Registration Process
    • If student does not have online access they can register by calling 800-375-6550.
    • Registration will open after 12:00 am 3 weeks before the first day of class.
    • A confirmation email will be sent at the time of registration.
    • Registration will close 5 days before the first class.
    • A reminder email will e sent 5 days before the first class.
    • Students will need a photo copy of their birth certificate and pen and paper for notes on the first day of class.  
Last Modified on February 4, 2021