• All Warm-up Questions for "open-note" notebook grade
    Mon. March 21
         "Gattaca" video w/wkhst (finish video from "leave")
    Tues. March 22
         1)Catch-up/Rvw prev. warm-ups (due to "leave")
         2) Discuss "Serena Williams/Pulm. Embolism reading
               (veins have valves, blood can pool/clot at valves during extended inactivity..ex. plane flight)
         3)Trace blood circulation through the heart (p.667 in book)
               (w/partners WRITE out the pathway of blood, indicating all significant anatomy..valves, ventricles, arteries,etc)
    Weds. March 23
         Blood Pressure Lab w/ "exit ticket"
    Thurs. March 24
         PPT lecture - Quick Review of Material before "paternity leave"
              Cardiovascular System-PPT1
    Fri. March 25
         "History of Defibrillation" reading & worksheets
             (student volunteers; read aloud or answer question)