Meadowlark Elementary
    Battle of the Books
    Congratulations to Meadowlark Elementary's Battle of the Books Teams!
                              2022--1st place WSFCS District Competition, 1st place in the Regional Competition
                              2021--online BOB due to Covid
                              2020--2nd place WSFCS District Competition
                              2019--1st place WSFCS District Competition, 2nd place in the Regional Competition
                              2018--3rd place in WSFCS District Competition                                       
                              2017--1st place WSFCS District Competition, 2nd place in the Regional Competition
                              2016--2nd place in WSFCS District Competition                                                             
                              2015--1st place in WSFCS District Competition, (no Regional Competition held in 2015)
                              2014--1st place in WSFCS District Competition, 1st place in the Regional Competition
                              2013--3rd place in WSFCS District Competition                                                       
    Upcoming Meeting Dates/Times: 
    Meetings To Be Determined
     *Please let Mrs. Bullard know by email if you are interested in receiving information concerning EBOB

    What is Battle of the Books?
    *A team of fourth and fifth grade students who read selected books and answer questions from them.  This year there are 15 titles on our list.

    *A team can have no more than 12 members (with only 6 members allowed to play during a round).  Most of our teams have 5-6 members.

    *Teams compete in a schoolwide competition in the spring and with other elementary teams throughout the school system on one competition day later in the spring. 


    How does my child become a member of the team?

    All 4th and 5th grade students are invited to participate in the Battle of the Books.  Students make a team when they read and write questions for a certain number of books.  This year, students must read and write questions for 5 of the BOB titles.  Teams will begin to form in September, so we encourage students to work on reading over the summer.  Students who need more time to read will be placed on a team later in the fall. 

    Once teams are created, they will be assigned a Team Leader and teams will decide on a team mascot and create their team colors.  The Leaders will work with students to help make sure students are continuing to read the BOB books and to help students prepare for competition.

    What will practices be like?

    We will start holding practices early in the school year at first for anyone who is interested. After the first initial practice to discuss the above information, our practices will be discussion groups on the books and/or questions in the Battle of the Book format on all books.


    How are questions supposed to look?


    1. Begin each question with “In which book…”
    2. Use present tense (“does ____ happen?”).
    3. Character names and names of setting locations cannot be used.
    4. Write the page number for the answer.
    5. Avoid using words from the title.
    6. Avoid obvious questions.
    7. Avoid questions that can be answered by more than one title.

    Example question:  In which book does a character read to chickens?

    Example question:  In which book did a girl find a long lost brother? 
    A non-example:  In which book was there a character named Mary Jane?
    Use the Question Template (link below) to type questions for email to Mrs. Bullard. 
    How can parents help?

    *You can volunteer to read the books and write questions.

    *You can purchase extra copies of the books on the list for students to share.

    *You can provide snacks for before/after school practices.

    *You can encourage your child and cheer him/her on!

    Students must know the exact title of the book and each author's name.  
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Bullard, Mrs. Cagle, or your child's teacher.