•  The Bottom Line



                     T H E   B O T T O M   L I N E


    What you need to know:

    ·         There is one semester to complete your science course.

    ·         You must be willing to do homework in order to meet this deadline.

    ·         The chapter tests have a weight of 50% of the chapter grades.

    ·         You may use your concept maps when taking chapter tests.

    ·         Chapter test dates are indicated on the course outline.  

    ·         You will need the following supplies every day:

                      Text book                           Loose leaf paper                Colored pens or pencils

                      Red pen                              3-ring binder                     Unlined white paper

                      Black or dark blue pen       Calculator                          Your Course Outline


    ·         Please head every paper  in the upper right hand corner, according to the following format:

                              1st line  -   First name, Last Name, Period

                              2nd line -   Date

                              3rd line -   Name of Course, Chapter Number



    What you need to do:

    ·         Sign-in on the attendance roster as you enter the classroom.

    ·         Scan the entire chapter, paying special attention to the section objectives, vocabulary words, diagrams, and figures.

    ·         Prepare a blueprint concept map for each section of the chapter, using a black pen on unlined white paper.  (See mindmap packet)

    ·         Complete the section reviews.  Please re-state each question, answering in complete sentences, using a pen and lined, loose-leaf paper.  Add information to your concept maps.  Use graphics and color as often as possible.  If you are unsure of or  unable to answer any of these questions,  please ask for help!

    ·         Present concept maps and section reviews to teacher, who will check for completeness.  You will then receive the study guide packet.  Continue to add information to your concept maps as you complete study guides.

    ·         Present completed study guide packet to teacher.  Correct all errors and omissions with a red pen, using the provided answer key.

    ·         Prepare for the chapter test by reviewing your work, adding information to your concept maps and studying the summary that appears at the end of the chapter.


Last Modified on August 7, 2014