• Ways to Help at Home



    Use the reader books in our home reading bag (inside the B.E.E.) notebooks to practice independent reading.  Allow your student to try decoding skills:

    • Look at the pictures.  Which words can you find that tells about the picture(s).
    • Look at the word.  What does the beginning letter(s) sound like?
    • Look at the words middle and ending soundssay each part.

    Snap the sounds back together (Stretch the word like a rubber band and then snap it back into a word!)

    • Does the word make sense in the sentence? 
    • Try again.


    Use the flash cards to practice sight words (see documents).


    Read to your child.  Use the story retell questions (located in our documents) to help with story comprehension.  This is equally as important as the ability to recall words or decode words.




    Number Sense to thirty

    *Students should practice writing, reading, and counting numerals to thirty. 

    • Practice calling out numbers from 0-30 out of order.  Students should write the numeral you call out.
    • Write a numeral from 11-30 on paper.  Students should recognize the numeral and then draw or count out objects to match the number.

    *Sort by their own rule, such as saying I sorted this group by color.