• Ways to Help at Home
    Become familar with our Zaner Bloser style of handwriting (use handouts sent home)
                   1.  Practice writing your first name legibly in Zaner Bloser.
                   2.  Practice writing capital and lower case letters of the week.
    Book & Print Awareness Skills:
                  1.  Identify the parts of books and function of each part--front, back, title, author, illustrator
                  2.  Demonstrate an understanding of directionality and voice-print match by following print word for word
                       when listening to familiar text read aloud.
                  3.  Develop an understanding of letters, words, sentence and story.  Examples:   Choose and identify three
                       letters in a text;  identify a word; identify where a word begins and where the same word ends.
    Begin to identify sight words from the Kindergarten word list.
    Listen to stories being read and answering basic story content questions.
    Model positional words such as up, in, outside, above, under, beside, behind, in front, on
    Rote count to 30
    Match sets of objects to numerals 0-10
    Compare attributes of objects--likenesses and differences such as color, height, and texture