•  August 2014
    Dear Families,
    We are very busy this week getting to know each other and building our classroom community.  Thank you for all you are doing to help your child make a smooth move to kindergarten!
    SPECIAL REQUEST:  Please send a photo of your family and your child and also send a note telling how you chose your child's name.  This will help us build a sense of family and community in our classroom. 
     This is our first week of school and we are already working very hard!  Please make sure your kindergartner gets lots of sleep and completes nightly homework.  We are working on learning about and demonstrating Dolphin Pride...preparation, respect, integrity, discipline, and excellence.
                        P = preparation = Be sure to do nightly homework and return it to school the following morning.
                        R = respect =  Listen to your teachers and persons in charge of you and take turns talking.
                         I = integrity = Do your best no matter if no one is looking !   Be your "best person" always!
                         D = discipline = Remember to follow behavior rules in the hallway, cafeteria, classroom, restrooms
                                                             and playground.
                         E = excellence = Demand the most of yourself !
    Each day in your child's agenda I will let you know if your child is exhibiting PRIDE.  In order to earn their letter for the day (P /Monday, R/Tuesday, I/ Wednesday, D/Thursday, E/Friday), your child must follow the above guidelines.  At the end of the week your child will earn $10 Dolphin Dollars for the Dolphin Dollar Store if he/she has earned each letter. (Your child earns $1 Dolphin Dollar per day with a $5 bonus at the end of the week if he/she earned his/her letter each day of the week.)
    This week's focus:  English Language Arts: Reading Comprehension/Main Idea
                                                                                    Character-building books
                                                                                    Writing our Names
                                                                                    Learning to spell the letters in our names
                                 Math:  Patterns and Sorting and Classifiying (Putting items in patterns.  Putting items in groups based on similar characteristics.)                                                                                                        
                                 Social Studies:  PBIS expectations
    That is alot for this week!  If you have any questions, please let us know!   We are so excited about this new year!
    Mrs. Say  and Mr. Arnold