• Health Education
    Welcome to Health Education at Reagan High School. 

    Health Syllabus

    Below are the North Carolina Essential Health Standards.  Click on the link to view detailed content. 
     Mental Emotional Health

             1. Stress
             2. Anxiety
             3. Bullying

    Personal Consumer Health

             1. Organ Donation
             2. Communicable and Chronic Disease
             3. Health Screenings
             4. Reducing Risk for Chronic Disease
             5. Adequate Rest and Sleep
             6. Skin Cancer
             7. Positive and Negative Health Behaviors
             8. Body Art and Piercing
             9. ATV and Motorcycle Risks
           10. First Aid

    Interpersonal Communication and Relationships

             1. Empathy
             2. Problem Solving 
             3. Resolving Conflict
             4. Healthy Dating
             5. Power Control Aggression and Violence
             6. Myths and Misconceptions and Stereotypes Pertaining to Sexual Assault
             7. Preventing Sexual Assault and Abuse

    Nutrition and Physical Activity

             1. Preventing Chronic Disease through Nutrition
             2. Dietary needs for Athletes, Pregnant Women, and Diabetics
             3. Vitamins and Minerals
             4. Vegetarian Diets
             5. Food Guide Pyramid (My plate)
             6. Healthy and Unhealthy Eating Plans
             7. Eating Disorders
             8. Eating Disorder Recovery
             9. Exercise Safety and Effectives
            10.Climate Related Physical Conditions and Physical Activity
            11. Personal Nutritional and Fitness Plan

    Alcohol and Other Drugs

             1. Performance enhancing drugs
             2. Family, community and cultural norms
             3. Prescription and Non prescription medicines
             4. Risk of IV drug use
             5. Effects of Substance abuse on other people
             6. Consequences of alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy
             7. Risky behaviors and alcohol
             8. Binge drinking