• 1)    According the chorus syllabus YOU signed at the beginning of the school year, students in chorus are REQUIRED to attend ALL Glenn High Chorus concerts. These concerts are a large part of their grade! The parents of any student who misses the concert must meet with Mrs. Earnhardt to discuss the absence. Students who fail to perform at concerts will have a lowered grade and will be excluded from field trips and other chorus activities.
    2)    Students are required to wear a particular outfit for the performance:
                Women's Choir - black pants and shirt, black shoes, scarf purchased from Glenn ($10)
                Men's Ensemble - Black Pants, black button down shirt, tie purchased from Glenn ($10)
                Concert Choir - Concert Choir tuxedo or dress, blackclosed-toe shoes/socks/pantyhose, pearls
                 Varsity Women's Choir - black dress, black hose, black closed toe
        **** No facial jewelry, mouth jewelry, flashy or dangly earrings, necklaces (unless a part of the oufit)
      ***** Hair should be pulled back to show eyebrows
    ****** No unnatural hair colors allowed. Students need to dye hair back to a natural color before the concert.
    3)  Students are required to stay for the entire concert and will not be given credit for their attendance unless they do so. The entire concert (not just their performance) is a LEARNING experience that is a part of my curriculum!
    4) Students with poor audience behavior will be called out DURING the concert so that they can SIT with their parents or be seperated from the group for the rest of the concert. There should be no talking while there are performances on stage. Please leave and enter the auditrium during APPLAUSE ONLY. Cell phones should be on silent and out of sight!
    5) No food or drink allowed in the auditorium. Keep it clean and NICE!