• Fun Facts and Trivia
    According to 2010 Autumn Publishing, did you know that . . .
          - Parrots like to eat hot chilli pepper.
          - Some desert snails sleep for up to six years, waiting until there's enough moisture for them to venture into the open.
          - Giraffes have an extreeeemely long tongue to help gather leaves from trees.  It is so long, the animal uses it to clean its eyes, ears, and any bugs off its face!
          - Hiccups can be caused by drinking a very cold drink while eating hot food.
          - The fastest growing hairs on the human body are in the beard.  An untrimmed beard could grow to 30 ft. long in a man's lifetime.
          - Michael Jordan was one of the shortest basketball players at school, and was dropped from his team.  He grew 4 inches in one summer and is now considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time.
          - A soccer ball can reach speeds of up to 100 mph.  That's nothing compared with a tennis ball, which can be served at around 155 mph - as fast as an express train.
          - A man called Charles Osborne, from Iowa, hiccupped for 68 years.  His world record started in 1922, when he was huccuping at a rate of 40 "hics" per minute.  It slowed to 20 per minute and finally stopped in 1990.
          - Ducks can't fly when they're molting.
          - Bamboo grows faster than any other plant; some bamboos can grow up to 3 feet in 24 hours.  That's the same amount most kids grow in the first few years of life!
          - In 2005, a fisherman from Connecticut caught a 362-ft US Navy submarine in his fishing net.
          - Some restaurants in Japan serve insect sushi, topped with cockroaches, moth larvae, and cicadas.
          - Kid's kneecaps don't become bony until they're at least 3 years old.  Before that, they're just made of cartilage (tough, rubbery body tissue).
          - Ellen Macarthur sailed around the world on her own in a record-breaking time of 71 days and under 15 hours.  She guided her 75 ft boat across more that 27,000 miles, resting only briefly, battling against bad weather, and even making repairs along the way.
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