Mr. Moats Classroom Rules, Regulations and Procedures

    There are no backpacks allowed in my room, the computer desks are extremely narrow and there is no room for everyone to bring in one, sometimes two backpacks so get used to using your locker as it is a safety issue in my room.  I have enough storage to accommodate laptops and musical instrument cases and that is all. Thank you for understanding as this is completely a safety issue and we take safety as the most important thing in this room.

    Please become familiar with the WSFCS Internet Use Policy and school handbook, this handbook provides crucial information regarding tardiness, absenteeism, and behavioral expectations. Academic dishonesty will result in receiving a zero on the work being completed. Students are expected to keep the classroom clean and orderly.

    Other class rules that are expected are as followed:

          1. Follow all Safety Procedures and Instructions (please see my safety page) including clothing and shoes. Students are not allowed to wear flipflops, sandals, slippers, clogs or any other form of open toe shoe in the lab area. We work in the lab area on a regular basis so if this is your choice of footwear I suggest you keep a pair of sneakers in your locker for my class.

          2.  Place all personal items in your locker including book bags and back packs .  Only writing instruments, notebooks and specified tools or materials are allowed on the desk.

         3. Place all completed assignments in progress, and other papers in your designated literature holder/tray with your engineering notebook.  You are the only person who may remove your work from this area.

         4. Do not touch or manipulate another person's/group's project unless granted permission by the person/or group.

           5. Please understand all the computers in this lab regardless of their outward appearance are very expensive and needed to be treated as such.