• Mr. Moats Grading Policy

    I grade all assignments on a total points scale so homework has the same points value as all other work and so do projects. To figure your students GPA add all grades together and divide by the number of assignments.
    All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time.  Assignments may be turned in up to 3 days late, however late work will receive a maximum of 80% grade. ALL ASSIGNMENTS THAT ARE TURNED IN WITHOUT A NAME ON THEM ARE DISCARDED  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Home work will be accepted up to 3 days after the due date with a maximum achievable grade of 80% of the scored grade. A grade given for an assignment when a substitute is used will not be changed for any reason.  Students have 2 days to make up the work due to an absence from school, THIS WORK MUST BE DONE AT HOME OR BEFORE SCHOOL OR AFTER SCHOOL NOT DURING CLASS.  If a student will be out of school for a school related activity, the student is responsible for completing any assignments missed. 
    While students are working on projects or lab exercises they are expected to stay in class until the room and shop are clean, every day.  This goes for all students, I do not accept "I didn't do that, that was not my area, that wasn't my mess" or any other excuses, this class works as a team and anyone not participating will have up to 10 points deducted from their grade - no exception. I will write a late pass for the students so there is no excuse not cleaning.
       *If absent, ALL WORK MUST be turned in within 2 days of returning to school, NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Percentage (Grade)

    90-100 (A)      Outstanding Work                          
    80-89 (B)        Above average                                  
    70-79 (C)        Average or good                            
    60-69 (D)        Below Average                           
    0-59 (F)          Failing                         

    Final Exam (20% of Final Mark)