• Personal Safety

    1. Dress the part - safety glasses, no loose clothing, rings and watches
    2. Absolutely no open shoes toe shoes, sliders, slippers or flip flops at any time.
    3. Understand the process before you begin 
    4. Be focused on your task
    5. No horseplay
    6. Lift with your legs and not your back
    7. THINK before DOING


    Site Safety

    1. Worksite should be clean and picked up
    2. Be aware of harmful materials and improper venting
    3. Teamwork approach
    4. Know your environment


    Tool and Machine safety

    1. Always use proper safety devices
    2. Follow all safety rules for each machine
    3. Power cords should be in like new shape
    4. Disconnect cords before adjusting machines
    5. Always think safety
    6. Use the proper tool for the job