• Welcome to Information Technology
    Listed below are the subdivisons of Information Technology at Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools:


    The Assistant Superintendent of Technology is responsible for overall management of Technology for the school district.  The Department of Technology is divided into Instructional and Information Technology. On the management team is the Information Technology Director.  The IT Director is charged with the overall management of the IT Division.  This Team is also responsible for overseeing all capital technology-related projects as well as exploring ways to reduce the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) for the school district.  Both the Assistant Superintendent of Technology and the Director of IT create and maintain partnerships with local and community organizations whose goals and missions are in alignment with IT goals and school system needs.
    Systems Support

     Systems Support is responsible for the management, security, and maintenance of the WS/FC Wide-Area and Local-Area Networks.  The area maintains district-wide software and licensing.  Systems Support is also involved in system-wide technology projects and intitatives. 


     The goal of the Communications area is to evaluate, test, and implement ways to improve the school district's communications through the use of technology-driven solutions.

    Service and Technical Support

    Service and Technical Support is the core of the IT Division.  It is comprised of the IT Service Desk and Level I & II Technicans.  The goal of Service and Technical Support is to ensure that technology-related incidents are resolved as quickly as possible in accordance with our service level agreements.