• books Reading to your child is essential in the development of your child's pre-reading skills.  We recommend that you read to your child each and every day.  After reading the story, have your precious child retell the story in their own words.  As you drive on a long trip, ask your child to retell their favorite fairytale or book.  Please make sure your child is talking in complete sentences.  In Kindergarten, we will begin working on retelling stories.
    Make a bedtime ritual of reading a favorite book with your child.  Please use silly voices and discuss the pictures on the pages. Use stuff animals to make it interesting!  Use your pointer finger to point to the words as you read.Thank your child for a being a good listener and having an excellent book chat.   Kiss and hug your child good night!
    We are the Readers! 
    Mighty Mighty Readers! 
    We are the Readers!        
     Mighty Mighty Readers!   
    These are the strategies that we are teaching:                                               
    1. Eagle says“Use your sharp eyes and look at the pictures for clues.”                                                                        
    2. Lips the fishsays  “Get your mouth ready to read and say the first sounds.”                                                            
    3. Stretch the Snakesays “Stretch the word out and put sounds together.”                                                                  
    4. Monkey says “Look for word chunks and look for a word part.” ex.-at word chunk                                                    
    5. Frog says “Skip it if you don't know the word and read to the end of the sentence then Hop back and reread it!”     
    6. Lion says “Try it Again by rereading and try a new word.”                                                                                      
    7. Kangaroo says “Ask for help after you have tried the other strategies.”
    NEVER Let the word win!  Read on!    
    We are the Readers!
    Mighty Mighty Readers!
    Rhonda Lynn Byerly   Kindergarten Teacher
    Sherwood Forest Elementary School
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