Foods 2013 Spring  
         Welcome to Family and Consumer Science (FACS). Family and Consumer Sciences explores the relationship between individuals, families, communities and our environment. Courses offered this year in the FACS department include Foods 1 and Foods II - Foods Technology.  Atkins High School has a wonderful FACS Department with 5 fully equipped kitchens. 

          During this year in Foods 1 we will learn and apply methods of food safety, sanitation, food lab procedures and conserving resources in the kitchen.  We will  understand and apply methods for food preparation. We will also understand what influences our food choices, the relationship between food choices and health and apply methods of meal planning and preparation. 

    Foods II - Food Technology is an honors level, science based course that focuses on exploring the food industry from "farm to table".  Students will examine production, processing, preparation, preservation, and food packaging principles. Foods Technology includes many hands-on laboratory activities which is the foundation of the course.