Room Parent Overview

    Teacher Meeting

    • Meet with the teacher and co-room parents to determine what the teacher's expectations and classroom needs will be (i.e.: field trips, in-class projects, parties etc).
    • Some teachers may request snacks, classroom supplies, decoration and/or your help rounding up volunteers for certain tasks (filling Tuesday folders, Fun Friday events, Mystery Reader, etc)

     Class Directory

    • Ask your teacher to help you create a class directory. Email is the best way to share info and make requests.  Use the sample letter provided in the resources section. 


    • Help the teachers fill volunteer opportunities in and outside of the classroom. Some teachers will request more parent involvement than others. Some parents are able to do tasks at home but cannot come in to the classroom often.
    • Find out what the parents in your room want to help with (parties, sending items in, volunteer, etc) and utilize them!
    • Your job is to help find parent volunteers, not to fulfill all of the volunteer opportunities yourself.

    Parent Communication

    • You will receive many emails throughout the year from the Room Parent Coordinator to forward to your classes. You or a co-room parent must have access to email.  Please make every effort to forward those to your class email directory as soon as possible.

    Make a Plan

    • If you have more than one room parent per class, decide together how you choose to divide responsibilities.
    • Please be sure to let the teacher know your plans, as it is easier for them to have one room parent “on duty” at a time.
    • Please be aware that regardless of who is “on duty”, all email correspondence from the Room Parent Coordinator will go out to all room parents.
    • Share ideas with other room parents using the emails sent to you by the coordinator.

    Sample Class Roster Letter - use to sign-up parents for parties, classroom support and special events.            

    If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Clouse, Room Parent Coordinator at home@tdclouse.com.


Last Modified on August 8, 2023