• awards
     2011 National Magnet School Distinction
      Connect a Million Minds Grant Awardee
    Mack Trucks Grant Awardee
    NC Accountability Program
    School of Distinction
    School of High Growth
     Science Fair
    1st Place in North Carolina-Biology Division
    1st Place in Region-Biology Division 
    5 WSFCS District Winners
    Spelling Bee
    WSFCS District Winner
    National Geographic Bee
    National Qualifier
    National Academic League
    2nd Place Nationally
    Forsyth County Public Library "On the Same Poem" Contest
    1st & 2nd Place Winners in Middle School Division
    Battle of the Books
    2nd Place in District
    Forsyth County Public Library Bookmark Contest
    8 Winners
    TSA State Winners
    Career Prep-3rd Place
    Challenging Tech Issues-1st & 2nd Place
    Electronic Gaming-1st Place
    Engineering Structure-3rd Place
    Leadership Strategies-2nd Place
    Multimedia Production-3rd Place
    Prepared Speech-1st Place
    Robot TOBOR-3rd Place
    Systems Control Technology-2nd Place
    Techno Talk-3rd Place
    Zap It!-1st & 2nd Place
    Chapter Team-1st Place
    TSA National Winners
    Challenging Technology Issues-Finalist
    Website Design-3rd Place
    Zap It!-
     NCSSM Math Contest
    3rd & 5th Place
    Math Olympiads (8th grade and below)
    Medallion & Gold Pin Winner, 10 Silver Pin Level Winners, 11 Patch Level Winners
    Math Olympiads (6th grade)
    Gold Pin Winner, 4 Silver Pin Level Winners, 8 Patch Level Winners
    AMC8 (8th grade and below)
    National School Honor Roll (top 1%) based on top 3 student scores (66+pts)
    National Distinction-2 Students top 1%
    National Honor Roll-8 Students top 5%
    AMC 10A (10th grade and below)
    Youth Certificate of Achievement-10 Students
    MathCounts Club
    First Place in Chapter
    6th Place In State
    Wake Forest Algebra I Qualifier
    3rd Place
    Wake Forest Geometry Qualifier
    1st, 2nd, 5th, & 7th Place
    NC State Math Contest-Algebra I
    10th Place
    NC State Math Contest-Geometry
    6th Place
    7th Place
    2nd Place FIRST Lego League Team in NC
    Project Presentation Competition
    2nd Place Middle School Team America Rocketry Challenge Team in United States
    Only middle school TARC team in NC to qualify for national finals
    Science Olympiad Winner
    Tower Design
Last Modified on October 12, 2011