• As a new school year begins, now is the time to remind both students and parents about Classroom Expectations.  We have spent the first few days of school reviewing classroom and school rules and procedures.  We have four basic Class Rules: 
    1--Listen Carefully and Follow Directions  2--Respect Yourself and Others  3--Work and Play Safely  4--Always Do Your BEST!!!
    As mentioned in the Classroom Handbook, every child begins each day with a green card on our Behavior Chart.  When a student breaks a rule, he/she is given at least one warning (usually two) and then his/her card is pulled to yellow.  If misbehavior continues, the child's card is pulled to red.  If your child's card is pulled during the school day, there will always be an explanation, either written on the Behavior Sheet, or relayed by a phone call. 
    Thanks so much for your support in making sure each child has a successful day at school each day!!!
Last Modified on September 23, 2012