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    Back to School Links 2013:
    Hello SE Middle School!
    I am excited about working at SE Middle School for my third year.   Below is a bunch information that I find teachers frequently ask me about at the start of the school year.  Don't feel like you have to read it all right now, but use it as a resource.  I look forward to meeting all of our new staff and getting to know everyone. 
    "Room Set-ups"

    When I think about setting up a room, I often recall the old saying:  "There's never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over!"  With that in mind, Please consider the location of Ethernet drops and power outlets when you set-up your room.  Also,  think: about:  "What would the Fire Marshall Say?  Bottom line, maintenance is not going to install a new power strip if there are unused outlets where you could move equipment :(  That's just the reality.  The fire Marshall will also reject any personal power strips or extension cords that you might bring to school.  See Mr. Downs for having a network printer added to your computer.   Be sure to put fresh paper in network printers before printing this year .


    1. The following passwords are all the same as your active directory or computer log in:
    I can reset your active directory password, but also if you are on a school computer (at school) and are able to log in, you can hit cntr-alt-del on your keyboard, and an option will pop up where you can reset your active directory password which will in turn reset all the other passwords that I have mentioned :)

    As you talk with new employees, most have been entered (by DOT) with the user name (first & middle initial followed by their last name, all lower case and no spaces) Most have been set with the generic password:  123456.   Please help me spread the word on this with new employees :)

    Other passwords that are NOT the same include:

    Power School (https://wsfcs.powerschool.com/teachers/pw.html)  This password will be issued by the principal, and the gradebook will not be available until the 10th day with students. 
    Edmodo: ( http://wsfcs.edmodo.com/  )  There is a link on the log-in screen for finding lost passwords, but I can also reset edmodo passwords, as long as you signed up through the winston-salem edmodo network.  The school code for joining is:  9x1ll5

    Power School:

    (under user options on any WS/FCS webpage):  https://wsfcs.powerschool.com/teachers/pw.html
    Teacher Webpages:

    WS/FCS Board Policy 4113 requires that all teachers maintain an updated website.

    A couple of general website reminders...


    • Many of you will be registering for workshops for CEU units (click here for requirements)  this time of year.
    • Go here to our STAFF Development Site to register and evaluate a WS/FCS workshop that you might be attending. 
    • Don't forget that your workshop registration user name and password should be the same as your Active directory/e-mail user name and password
    • Be sure to evaluate your workshop after you have attended, or you will not get credit. 
    • Many workshop facilitators are shortening the evaluation window of opportunity to two weeks. 
    • Log onto the Staff Development link, you can see a list of all the Workshops offered in any month—including online courses listed under the title “ONLINE” 

     Here are some evaluation related Links... 

      • Link to NC Professional Development Forms:
      •  Evaluation Rubric
      • Here's the path to follow to look up your UID number, used for access to Power School and evaluation instruments (Ms Gentry also has access)

      • 1) From the WS/FCS home page at http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us ,
        2) hover over the blue link to "Employees" and click on "Resources",
        3) click on "Professional Development",
        4) click on "Look up your Renewal Credits",
        5) teacher enters his/her SSN without dashes and clicks on "Lookup,
        6) UID will be displayed in bold near the top of the page


    Learning Village:  https://learningvillage.wsfcs.k12.nc.us has a fantastic array of resources for teachers.  Log in with your active directory user name and password and explore!

     Learn360  is still the video Streaming program available to teachers through WS/FCS. 

    • user name is generally your entire email address (i.e.; jdowns@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    • default password was:  wsfcs  (Some of you may have changed your password from the original default)
    • There is a button underneath the log in boxes for forgotten information
    • Youtube for education is available in! 

    SAS in Schools is a fantastic resource to find on-line lessons on any subject area. But if you are in need of a cool new lesson for your classroom,  try looking on SAS in schools.  Once you get to SAS in School , click on "Subscriber log-in". Here is our school login information: 

    • Teacher user name:  southeaststaff
      Teacher password: sms516
      Student user name: 
      No password is required for students

    Net Trekker:  http://school.nettrekker.com/  Is an award winning search engine created just for students and teachers. WS/FCS purchased this for our learning community.

    Admin User name:  516admin
    Admin Password:  admin
    Student User Name seast516
    Student Password: seast516

    LEARN NC , offers links to goal specific lessons for all the subject areas.  Also, if you get a chance, look at the Computer Skills/technology SCOS for 6-8 grade and click on the individual goals where you can find cool lessons/resources.

    Webportal : Don't forget that you have access to your H-drive at home by logging into the teacher webportal.  There are also links to other teacher specific websites such as Learning Village at that location.   

     Winston-Salem Teacher planning Links has a variety of resources including Learning Village Curriculum Ware house, and many other teacher resources. Also, here is a list of frequently ask for technology curriculum resources:  https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/58115


     Other Curriculum Resources that I will discuss in more detail this School year:

    Miscellaneous Technology Tidbits  

    You can e-mail me with a question anytime jdowns@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  

    That's really the best way to request technology help.  If you ask me in the hall, chances are...five minutes later someone else will ask me something and I will forget your request :( 

    If you would like to sign up for the computer lab , this year I am going to try and post lab availability through the outlook calendar on email.  I will be sending an email giving you access to that calendar and you will have to accept to be able to see that calendar.

    Student Information:

    Students should be reminded at the start of every year that they must abide by the school district's Acceptable Use Policy for computer/technology use.  Here is a copy:  Student Acceptable Use Policy

     Student accounts:

    • Student accounts should have all been reset and server files purged during the summer. 
    • Students log on to active directory with their student number as their user name and their first time password will be 123456
    • They will be prompted to change their password and they should change it to their last name. 
    • There is a generic student user account called user516   with the password sems that will allow a student on the computer with limited access in the event their account is locked or they are brand new to the district.  It basically allows for internet access.

    Well, that's all for now folks!  But, just see me or e-mail me for more information!


Last Modified on August 18, 2013