Introduction to Engineering and Design


    Instructor: Mr. Moats                                                                                                                                                                                             Virtual Room: 303




    This course is designed to teach problem solving skills through the use of a design development process. Models of product solutions will be created, analyzed and communicated using solid modeling computer design software. The software normally used for this is Autodesk Inventor.  Since not everyone has a Windows based laptop or desktop computer to run this we will also allow the usage of either Fusion 3 from a Mac computer or On Shape from Chromebooks.


    Nature of course:

    This is a project based course. This means that the bulk of the learning (and grading) will be from students engaging in projects designed to challenge and allow students to develop their own understanding about engineering design. Students will be required to keep an engineering journal/notebook to track their progress on each project. This is normally done with a journal/notebook like a marble composition notebook. It would be helpful for sketching purposes to have a composition notebook (or similar) that has graph paper (quadrille grid) in it instead of regular lined paper but we will do this electronically this semester via a Single continuous running Google Doc.


    ALL STUDENTS  Must familiarize themselves with the “Virtual Learning Handbook” which can be found here Virtual Learning Handbook



    Necessary skills in:

    • Algebra Skills (working with formulas)
    • A willingness to learn from and contribute to class
    • A willingness to engage with other students

    Skills out:

    • Basic problem-solving skills that will be used through out all your engineering classes at Atkins & into college.
    • Use and understanding the basic design development process that engineers use to solve problems.
    • An understanding about various fields of engineering and what they do.
    • The ability to use the 3-D modeling software, Autodesk Inventor to develop complex design solutions.

    Necessary Supplies:

    • I suggest you use a clear cover; three-hole portfolio/paper covers to save a real copy of your portfolios but it is not mandated.

    Grading Policy:

    • All projects, engineering notebooks, and portfolios assignments are weighted equally in this class. All missed assignments are graded as “Zeros” and will bring a GPA down exponentially

    Exam Policy:


          -     All students are mandated to take the PLTW end of course assessment which              counts for 20% of the final exam.

    Office Hours:

    • I am available for office hours:
    • Monday - Thursday from 8:00 – 8:45am by appointment
    • Monday – Thursday after school by appointment