North Carolina Essential Standards for 7th Grade Social Studies



      1. 7.H.2.1 Analyze the effects of social, economic, military and political conflict among nations, regions, and groups (e.g. war, genocide, imperialism and colonization).
      2. 7.H.2.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of cooperative efforts and consensus building among nations, regions, and groups (e.g. Humanitarian efforts, United Nations, World Health Organization, Non Governmental Organizations, European Union and Organization of American States).
      3. 7.H.2.3 Explain how increased global interaction accelerates the pace of innovation in modern societies (e.g. advancements in transportation, communication networks and business practices).
      4. 7.H.2.4 Analyze the economic, political, and social impacts of disease (e.g. smallpox, malaria, bubonic plague, AIDS and avian flu) in modern societies.

      Geography and Environmental Literacy

      Economics and Financial Literacy
      Civics and Governance