• homework How Can I Help My Child With Homework? 
    1. Let your child know that homework is important and valuable.
    2. Set a regular time each day for homework, allowing some time to unwind after school before getting started.
    3. Be sure your child has all essentials, such as papers, books, school notebooks, and pencils.
    4. Have a quiet, clean, and well-lit place to study, with a comfortable chair.  Keep all schoolwork there.
    5. Discourage distractions, including TV, during study time.  Allow study breaks at intervals.
    6. Be available to answer questions or help quiz your child, but keep homework as his or her responsibility to complete.
    7. Spot check homework when it's completed, but don't correct the assignment unless the teacher has asked you to.
    8. Read any comments the teacher has made on returned assignments.
    9. If a homework problem arises, contact the teacher for clarification.