Me with the Galapagos Turlte in Ecudor
    Meet Mrs. LeMay
    Hello and Welcome to my science classroom!! I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to you.
    Teaching Style:    
    • I love using brain based research techniques in my classroom. That means I use music, movement, color and drawings in my notes and the kids (hence why you need colored pencils!!!), graphic organizers, pneumonic, tricks, puzzles, anything I can to make CONNECTIONS!! Do not be surprised if you walk past my classroom and you hear us rapping, singing, and clapping out vocabulary terms or cell parts! I love to create raps, poems,  and rhymes to help my students learn the material in science. Sometimes it is crazy! But they get it and remember it too!! Often students I have taught in the past come back wanting the words to the songs to help them in their current classes.
    Years Teaching:    
    • This is my 17th year at TJMS!!
    • This is my 22nd year teaching
    • I have taught preschool, elementary school, middle school(7th and 8th), high school (biology/earth science/marine biology/anatomy), Junior college, and have been a TA in a Masters program at UNCG too!! 
    • B.S. Marine Biology - UNCW
    • Masters in Arts and Liberal Sciences- UNCG
    • Teacher Certified science grades 6-12 
    • Married to Curtis LeMay- He is a computer tech at Wells Fargo                                 
    • Two Daughters: 
    •             MacKenzie- Junior at King University in Bristol Tennessee- majoring in Neuroscience
    •             Adyson-      8th grader here at TJMS
     Other Interests:                
    • Working with the ALS Association (Help fight to provide support and funds to cure Lou Gehrig's Disease)- I have a WALK team that you can join in May if you are interested!! See my link on the side of my homepage!
    • Iditarod Race in Alaska
    • Galapagos Islands- I got to visit in April with a teacher grant!
    • Info on Mount Everest
    • Huskies