• Class Expectations       


    Student expectations and Class rules

    There are only four class rules: be prompt, be prepared, be alert and be respectful.

    Be prompt

    Students are expected to be in class by the time the tardy bells rings. Students who arrive late and expect to be excused should have a valid note from a teacher or administrator. It is the students responsibility to ask for this note prior to coming to class. After 2 tardies, (3rd offense) students parents will be notified. If you are tardy a fourth time, you will be expected to serve detention with me before or after school (not during lunch). After 4 tardies, (5th offense) students will be referred to administration for disciplinary action.

    Be alert

    Students are expected to give their full attention during the class.

    • As per school rules, the use of electronic devices including but not limited to cell phones, i-pods and MP3 players and personal cameras are prohibited during class time. This means that these devices should be put away and not visible AT ANY TIME. There will be NO ADDITONAL WARNINGS. If you have an electronic device and it is seen, it will be taken from you. If your phone rings during class, it will be taken away from you. If you are wearing headphones, both the headphones and the device will be taken from you. After the first time, the device will be returned at the end of the class period. After the second time, it will be given to the office and students will not be able to have it back for 24 hours. The third time the device will be given to office and kept for one week.
    • Personal grooming during class time is not appropriate. Students should not apply makeup, comb or brush hair or apply lotion during class. Grooming products will be confiscated.
    • Sleeping, putting your head down or refusing to actively participate in whole class or group activities is inappropriate and will result in detention and parent notification. After 2 detentions, students will receive a discipline referral. If you are ill, it is your responsibility to tell me when you come to class.

    Be prepared

    • Students are expected to come to class with the necessary materials including appropriate book, paper and something to write with. Students who are unable to complete in-class assignments because they do not bring appropriate materials to class will receive a grade of zero on the missed assignment. Students are not to disturb class by asking classmates to borrow the materials they are expected to bring to class.
    • Assignments are expected on the due date unless a student had an excused absence. Make up work from excused absences will be accepted up to one week after the student returns. In exceptional cases, a plan for making up work from extended absences will be worked out between me and the student. Late work (other than in-class assignments for which the student is not absent) will be accepted up to one day late with no penalty. Work may be turned in up to one week late for half credit. No credit will be given for work more than one week late.


    Be respectful

    Students are expected to show respect for themselves, their fellow students, their teacher and school property.

    Respect yourself

    Students should have the self respect, self control and maturity as well as the ability to accept feedback and criticism with an open mind. Students are expected to develop a sense of intellectual curiosity. This class is required for graduation and I expect students to take the work seriously. Comments such as This is stupid when presented with an activity or I wasnt the only one when corrected for inappropriate behavior show not only a lack of maturity but a lack of self respect. This type of behavior will result in detention and parent notification. After 2 detentions, students will receive an office referral.

    Respect your classmates

    To create a climate of student interaction and a positive learning experience, students must respect each other. Failure to show respect for fellow classmates will result in detention and parent notification. After 2 detentions, students will receive an office referral.

    • Excessive talking, especially while I am giving directions, individual feedback on a writing assignment or explanations of new material make it difficult for other students to hear me and wastes the valuable class time of others.
    • Respect the personal space and property of others. You are expected to remain in your seat and not wander about the room. Doing so is distracting to me and others.
    • Rude comments that demean or insult fellow students will not be tolerated. The excuse I was just joking or we talk to each other like that all the time will not be accepted.
    • Leaving the room without permission is unacceptable; however, interruption of a lesson is distracting and inappropriate. If you need to ask to leave the room, do not ask in the middle of giving directions or during a crucial point in a lecture. The same is true for sharpening pencils or other disruption.

    Respect your teacher

    In order to maintain an environment in which all students can learn, students must respect the authority of the teacher to set classroom rules and expectations as well as make instructional decisions.

    • Arguing with me about the consequences for failing to comply with classroom expectations is a serious infraction in will result in an office referral.
    • Serious class disruptions which make it impossible for me to continue teaching will result in an office referral and may result in having the student immediately removed from class.
    • Differences of opinion with the teacher about the appropriateness of class work, class expectations or other issues should be handled with respect and in an appropriate setting. If you have a problem with me personally, you should plan to discuss it with me privately and not in front of the class. I am open to listening to your point of view, but as the educational expert responsible for your learning, I expect students to submit to my final authority in the classroom. Rude confrontations and defiance will result in an office referral and may result in having the student removed from the class immediately.

    Respect school property

    • To maintain cleanliness, students are not permitted to have food and drink in the classroom, with the exception of bottled water. Food and drink will be confiscated and thrown away.
    • The desk you sit in is not your personal property and you are sharing it with other students. These are new desks. Students who are caught writing on desk or other school property will be asked to serve detention to clean desks.
    • Books are expensive resources and are to be treated carefully. They are not be thrown about or tossed in the floor. If you are asked to use a book for a class activity, you are expected to return it to the bookcase before leaving class.

     You may contact me by email at jmdavis@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. I check my email regularly throughout the day.  Parents you may call the school and leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. I encourage you to contact me at any time to discuss concerns and ask questions.