If you have further questions, please contact Melissa Lanner, Morgan ES Data Manager

    Why is Parent Assistant not available until Sept. 9th? 
    Parent Assistant is not available the first 10 school days to allow for students schedule changes and late enrollments.
    How do I log into the Parent Assistant?

    A user name and password is needed to log in to Parent Assistant. Log on to the Internet and type http://pa.ncwise.org in your Internet address window. Use the user name and password that is supplied by your school. The user name and password are case sensitive and if forgotten, please contact your school.
    I do not have a user name and password. How do I get one?

    The user name and password will be generated at your child's school. Please contact your school to request a user name and password.
    Can someone else gain access or change my information?

    No. Each family will receive a unique user name and password. Please protect your information by not sharing this with others.
    My user name and password are not working, what should I do?

    You should contact the school where your oldest child is enrolled. The data manager or a staff member can confirm your user name and password and can reset it is necessary. You may be required to provide a photo ID for assistance with user names and password.
    How do I log off the Parent Assistant system when I am finished?

    Please click on the "Log Off" button in the upper right corner of your window. Then just close your browser.
    Will I be able to print out the information I see on the screen?

    Yes. You may print the pages you see on the screen by using the "print screen" function on your browser or keyboard.

    No. There is no cost involved in using Parent Assistant. You will need a computer with Internet access in order to use the service. If you do not have Internet access in your home, computers are available in WinstonNet Labs, public libraries, and in the schools.

    Yes. Parents may request an information change by completing an address or phone number update within Parent Assistant. However, you will be required to provide documentation to your child's school before some changes are complete. For example, for an address change parents must show proof of residency with a current utility bill, current lease agreement/mortgage, real estate property tax statement, Medicaid card or current paycheck stub.
    I am running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. When I tried to log on to Parent Assistant, I got a message that says that I did not have the appropriate Java plug-in required to view the site.
    You need to install the Sun Microsystems Java Virtual Machine. You can download the plug-in, Sun Java VM, at http://java.sun.com/getjava/download.html Internet Browser Requirements: To use Parent Assistant, you must allow cookies to be set by your browser. A browser is a software program used to view and interact with various types of Internet resources available on the World Wide Web. Netscape and Internet Explorer are two common examples.

    Windows-based PCs: This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or above.
    Macintosh computers: This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above.
    Netscape Mozilla/5.0

    Normally, Parent Assistant will be available 24 hours/7 days a week. However, once a month, the NCWISE site for student information that feeds information to PA is not available for routine maintenance. These dates will be posted to this site.