• English as a Second Language (24)
    Activities for ESL Students
    Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles
    Colorful Clothesline
    A lesson created to introduce level 1 ESOL/ELL students to clothing, colors, and color patterns. Students can test their knowledge of colors and clothing. Select a category below to practice vocabulary. Then take a quiz to test what was learned.
    Cyber Listening Lab
    Practice your English using Google Talk, Skype (voice chat), and the RealPlayer --- add-ons to Google Pack
    Dave's ESL Cafe
    Current news, geography, grammar, history, idioms, slang and words, people, reading comprehension, science, world culture, writing
    English Study and Learning Materials
    Different Languages
    English Study and Learning Materials
    ESLgold.com provides over a thousand pages of free information and resources for both teachers and students. All materials are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.
    Englsih as a Scond Language
    ESL Cafe
    ESL Monkeys
    Free English language learning materials and tools for self-study or classroom learning, including reading and writing lessons, word of the day tool, free ESL books, story room, students
    ESL Resource Center
    Free ESL/ESOL/ELL lessons in: reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, spelling and idioms a "Discovery Trail" game for learning facts and background information.
    ESL Student Projects
    This site offers several interesting topics written by Mission College (Northern California) ESL students. Topics include: "Customs around the World," "Domestic Violence," "The Fall of Saigon," "Friendship," "The Meaning of Names," and "Surprises and Problems of ESL Students."
    Family Literacy Curriculum
    "The Fairfax County Family Literacy Curriculum is designed to be used in a multi-level adult ESOL family literacy class. There are four modules to choose from: Introductory (Self, Family and Community), Government (Schools and Community), Health (Medicine and Stress), and Consumerism (Shopping and Making a Budget). Each module provides easy to follow lesson plans and activities for adult English language learners at the literacy through intermediate levels and includes parent/child activities, computer/ internet activities, and reproducible worksheets. A list of recommended texts and websites is included in the appendix. The curriculum was written by Betsy Lindeman Wong, an experienced ESOL and family literacy teacher and was piloted at over twelve sites in Fairfax County."
    Free site for English as a second or foreign language students
    in English or Spanish
    Glossary of Second and Primary Language Acquisition Terms
    This is a very useful list of terms and definitions used by ESOL/ESL/ELL teachers, teacher trainers and researchers.
    Grammar for English Language Learners
    A comprehensive list of links to on-line grammar and writing sites
    Harnessing Technology
    This Web page includes common problems faced by ABE and ELL teachers in the classroom, and solutions to these problems which use technology. The Web page is updated from time to time and, as an incentive, those who contribute problems and technology solutions have access to the most recently updated page, at a different address.
    LINCS ESL Special Collection
    Includes reviewed resources for learners, teachers, tutors and administrators, and a showcase of ESL/ESOL/ELL resources on the Web.
    National Immigration Forum
    Current information about issues of concern to teachers of immigrants, including citizenship.
    Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English
    Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English
    Sounds Of English
    Offers pronunciation instruction. It explains how each sound is made and offers audio and video examples with exercises.
    Study Zone
    University of Victoria, British Columbia's English Language Centre online lessons
    The ESLoop
    This is a collection of sites related to English language teaching and learning. It includes the California E-Mail Project Homepage, TESL Ontario, and Computers and English Language and Literacy Education, among others
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Pointers to Internet projects for learners and teachers of ESOL
    ESL Useful Websites (8)

    American Idioms
    English and Korean
    English Resources
    ESL for Teachers and Students
    Helping Teacher and Students
    ESL Idioms-Korean
    An online collection of common English idioms.
    ESL Level Learning Lessons
    ESL Sites
    The Tower of English
    ESL useful Grammar Lessons
    Grammar Lessons
    Literature (3)
    American Literature (8)
    American Literature
    British Literature (11)
    Literatura Britanica
    World's Literature (13)
    English Grammar (14)
    English Grammar
    English Grammar For You
    English Grammar Quizes
    English grammar, and vocabulary exercises grouped by topic
    English Language Learning: Online and on your Desktop
    English Lessons and Tests
    English the Easy Way
    ESl Grammar Lessons
    ESL Learning Center
    Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources
    Guide to Grammar and Writing
    My Favorite Site
    Non Stop English
    The Best Place
    I recommend this site for Beginners English Learners
    English Pronunciation (6)
    American English Pronunciation Practice
    English as a Second Language
    English Phonetic
    English Pronunciation
    English Pronunciation
    Interesting Things for ESL Students
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    Elementary School EFL ESL Games!
    ESl and TEFL Games
    ESL Games
    ESL Games
    Flash Games for ESL Students
    Free ESL Games and Quiz
    Interesting Things For ESL STudents
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    Several Language Dictionaries
    English Dictionary
    You can find words into English