My name is Melissa Barrett and I am a 1st grade teacher at Cash Elementary 
          School.  This is my 19th year of teaching and my 11th year at Cash!  Previously, 
          I taught 1st grade at Forest Park Elementary School. 

          I have a BA in Education from Eastern Washington (State) University.  My major 
          was Reading (K-12) with a minor in Early Childhood Education.  I was born and
          raised in Washington state.  I am the oldest in my family and have two younger
          brothers.  I have one niece and three nephews.  I live in Clemmons with my 
          husband, two children (a 6th grader and a 3rd grader) and 2 cats.  

          In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, taking pictures, going to the beach and 
          exploring online (Pinterest, teacher websites/blogs).  I enjoy watching a few 
          TV shows (Survivor, Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The 
          Walking Dead).

          I have fond memories of my Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade teachers (Mrs. Margaret, 
          Ms. Brader & Mrs. Morrow).  I knew
    back when I was in 1st grade myself that I wanted 
          to be a teacher when I grew up.  I never
    changed my mind!  I believe that school should 
          be FUN and a WELCOMING place for all children.  I want them to want to come to 
          school each day! 
    We have a LARGE curriculum in 1st grade and you will see a lot of
          growth this year.

          We are partners in your child's education...  Please feel free to contact me WHENEVER 
          you have ANY questions, concerns or just want to
    touch base.  I encourage you to talk 
          to your child about what we are doing
    in class, read with your child EVERY day and to 
          review homework sent
    home nightly.

          Thank YOU for ALL that you do!   It DOES make a difference.
    Selfie 2014
    Disneyland (Summer 2013)
    And older picture at the NC Zoo: 
    Mrs. Barrett at the age of 7
    (All that snow behind me! I was sick so I didn't get to play in it!)